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Effective management of one of the most important assets, namely, Human Resources.

ARMAC CONSULTANTS was incorporated in the year 1999  with the objectives of addressing the vast market of manpower resourcing and ushering in a new perspective into manpower resourcing



Purpose: To ascertain the candidate’s suitability for the post.


1    We select, screen and interview the candidates before sending them to our client’s company for interviews.

2    The candidates are educated about the client’s company and position before they are sent for the interview.

3    A clear job description from the client’s company enables us to develop a key search program incorporating each job parameter.

4    All you need to do is to make a final selection. In other words, urgently needed manpower can be made available to you in a few days from the time you get in touch with us.




1    Armac Consultant is promoted by a team of search executives, known as the “Head Hunting Team” are selected for their wisdom, wit, aggressiveness, personality, strength of        character and personal warmth.

2    The team consists of highly educated young professionals with extensive experience from different streams of recruitment.

3    With long professional and social interactions, our headhunting team has already built bridges to gap the distance - the distance between you and the man you want.

4    The team have practised and mastered the techniques of finding the right candidates for the clients in a short span of time

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